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Reach new customers online with our full-service email capabilities, including email lists, design, delivery, and reporting.

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Our employees at SecureMetrix are dedicated to building, verifying, and updating your data. So you spend less time on worrying and more on selling.

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Enhance your own customer file with up-to-date information, including email addresses, phone numbers, and more!


High End Email Marketing

SecureMetrix, Inc was founded in 2012 and has grown into one of the premier online companies for email marketing services with access to high quality lists at affordable prices. SecureMetrix’s processes allow us to keep long-term clients and maintain a positive relationship with every customer that purchases and uses our services. Email marketing is the only type of marketing that allows you to keep your marketing tools and build growing database of customers. This adds tremendous value to your marketing capabilities and your company.

About Email Marketing | Is it still effective?

Email marketing is one of the most cost effective ways to send your message out to potential customers online. A good quality targeted email list can allow you to pinpoint only specific consumers that have an active interest in your product or service. Even if you need to invest in specialized bulk email software to support your efforts, you'll still be saving large amounts of marketing dollars compared to the cost of advertising through traditional media. SecureMetrix lets you keep your marketing tools, and build stronger databases and email lists as you develop your corporate brand.


Generate high quality leads

Our consumer email lists are fresh and opted in on a daily basis. The data is then run through a verification program and what remains is fresh data that's over 90% Deliverable.

Every time you order a email campaign it will be new, fresh, and deliverable data.

Email marketing creates valuable assets for your business, by creating updated and fresh email contact list to use over again. Email Marketing is the most cost effective, safest way to generate sales and awareness for your business online.

Spend more time selling

SecureMetrix offers access to 100% Opt-In email databases at the most competitive rates, we have seen that most of the other email marketing companies are grossly overpriced and typically offer poor quality data.

Our objective is to provide you top quality email lists at the most affordable rates so you can have a higher return on your investment each time you launch a marketing campaign.

Get happier customers

The benefits of email marketing are, it get's to the customers inbox instantly, and can generate sales fast. Sending out an email campaign is a great way to market your business, raise funds, or just keep in touch with your audience and build your contact database for your company.

In 2014/15 over 91% of all major online businesses used email marketing like SecureMetrix to build their brand.

Some of our extremely satisfied customers!


"I lost faith in email marketing based on my past experience with email marketing companies, you guys came through."

- Peter Teller

"Thank you for the extra support on the services we ordered, your customer service girl was very friendly."

- Ray and Ruth White

"I just sent my first campaign last night and the results were excellent, just as promised. Thank you"

- Bunchy Donovan

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